Price list:        



(prices may vary due to length and style)


Wet Cut                      £26


Cut & Finish              £34-38


Restyle Cut n Finish  £37-43


Blowdry/Set From      £26-28

(Weekly/Frtntly)         (£23-25)



Roots                         £44   

(With Cut)                  £58


Full Head Colour       £51-56

(With Cut)                  £65-70



Foils & Highlights   (Weave/Slices)


Partial                        £50                    

(With Cut)                  £64




Cap Highlights           £50-60

(Short Hair Only)

(With Cut)                  £64-74



Blowdry with "Cut n Colour"

(Short Hair)    only     £6

(Long Hair)    only     £9

GettyImages_81387720 Edited Chopped

Late Cancellation Fee Applies under 48 hours!!!

Skin Sensitivity Test must be applied before

all Colour Services Free of Charge!!

Distances over 5 miles will incur an extra charge  for Travel time and Petrol.

Mens and Child Prices are only applicable when booked with other family members

Long or Very Thick Hair may incur extra cost for Full Head colour due to Extra Product Required.


Short Hair can be Freshened up on the Ends during Root Only Touch Up Appts at NO extra cost

Please Note: I do NOT accept Cheques.. Cash Only..  

For Regular Clients Only.. Payment can be made by Bank Credit Transfer

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Mens Cut                   £16-20


Childs Cut (age up to 14 years)


Boys                           £15

Girls                            £18